Based in Sheffield and a lifelong Sheffield Wednesday fan, for reasons unexplainable to most, ever since I was tripping over a football at primary school, I have maintained a special fascination with football shirts and kits from across the globe.

Having spent my whole working life up until recently in the Retail Motor Industry I decided that I had done my penance and I now wanted to expand and share my passion for football shirts with others, and so the decision was taken to bring Calcio Colours to reality.

Calcio is the Italian word for Football and I must confess to having an infatuation with Italian football Clubs, their openly passionate fans, atmospheric stadia and of course their many differing shirt styles, brought to life amongst other things by that 90’s gem of a Channel 4 TV programme, Football Italia….Goalaccio!!!

I have therefore decided to make the focus of this website about these wonderful kit’s from the leagues of the Peninsula as Italy is known to many, from Serie A through to Serie D.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, and sharing the same fascination of these glorious kits from the many, in some cases little known manufacturers and of course feeling the need to own a shirt and in doing so adopt an Italian football team !

Enjoy the website and Thank you for visiting!

My background in retail has taught me that it is important that every customer is not only treated as an individual but provided with as much information as possible about a product, good and bad, to assist them in their decision making process and that this must also be encompassed with a focus on not just exceptional but more importantly personal customer service, it may be stating the obvious but how often does this fall down and the buying experience subsequently becomes diluted?

I can categorically state therefore that I will welcome as much constructive feedback as possible so that I can continually look to improve both my offerings and service?

Finally may I thank you for taking the time to browse my website and hope that you find the shirt (or indeed track suit / shorts) that you were looking for whether they be for wearing to the match or on the high street, to put in a frame on the wall in your house or business, purchasing as a gift for a friend or relative or even just to hang in the wardrobe to be brought out every so often to remind you of that game that created a special memory in your sporting life!