It’s that new shirt time of year, a time when football fans and shirt collectors the world over get as excited as if it was Christmas Day (probably more so for the afficionado’s), as one shirt after the other is announced on social media and drops onto the club on-line stores!

This year however a large number of the new shirts being launched across the globe, in some way incorporate a ‘retro’ look to them, a throwback to a golden period in their history.

Is thisĀ  a good thing or should the past be viewed as just that….the past, complete with its good and bad memories, leave the original shirts from those era’s to the dedicated shirt and kit re-sellers to source and return back onto the market?

My own take on this is this practice should continue, albeit it would be better left to the ‘Anniversary’ Shirts and Kits to re-kindle this nostalgia and not necessarily to a new season’s kit launch, unless of course the timing means that they coincide!

The new season must present a time for looking forwards not just with new and revitalised players, staff and tactics but also for club merchandise which forms a key part of a team’s sustainability off the pitch.

The recent trend towards the Anniversary Shirts is great news in its own right, as long as the anniversary itself is meaningful whether it beĀ  75 years, 100 years, 120 years or the celebration of a major milestone in a club’s career such as a League Championship or Cup Final victory etc.

By continuing to produce these ‘Limited Edition’ shirts football clubs are ensuring that their fans can re-live the halcyon days in some shape or form and let’s face it the main reason you are visiting this website and others like it is because it is important to you to re-live your football memories and experiences, and therefore despite many people saying that it is getting more and more expensive to support their football club, which I cannot disagree with, there is most certainly a very serious and important (to both fans and clubs / manufacturers alike) market for that extra bit of memorabilia that makes you feel close to your club and the hero’s of Yesteryear…..long may it continue!