Many people would say that it is a strange time to launch a website given that there are clearly more important issues affecting us all at present and that for the football, and indeed all sports fans amongst us, we are currently unable to visit any professional sporting event as this is written, however the truth is that the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have given the majority of us the time to reflect on the good (and in some cases bad) memories in our lives, and for those of us with a passion for the ‘beautiful game’ one of the greatest definition’s of a memory, other than of course the results, wonder goals and stadium atmospheres, are the multitudes of evocative football kits worn throughout the world.

During our enforced lockdown, other than keeping reasonably fit, enjoying the weather and finding every available weed in the garden, I have spent a fair bit of time watching highlights of matches from both the nineties and early noughties, reminiscing over the kits and the fact that yellow cards were not handed out for the slightest tackle or infringement….some of those meaty sliding tackles….ouch!

There is no doubt that during that fifteen to twenty year period of shinny and baggy kits, football has written many global stories for us all to reminisce over and the focus of a number of my blogs going forward will be to briefly re-tell some of the tales about both leagues, clubs and individuals that you may have either never known or simply just forgotten about?

Whilst there have been a number of great books written in the recent past on the subject of football shirts researched by author’s with an encyclopedic knowledge of how these shirts came into being and who wore them etc, I will endeavour to focus on individual shirts with a significant history attached to them, specifically those from Europe and with a focus on Italy where it is largely accepted that the designs took some beating!

I hope that you will enjoy these future musings and will always welcome any valuable feedback.

Stay Safe,